Friday, October 24, 2008

Cast Iron Cook Stoves For Doll House?

Here is the first of several curious items that I recovered from the junk filled abyss of Bert Dalmage's historic workshop in Dartford Ontario.

Two different sized cast iron stoves for a doll house. The Blabble text box informs buyers that there are 17 separate removable cast iron pieces in this lot.

When I found this stuff, in the remains of decaying doll house at the bottom of a wood chute in the bowels of the barn, I was convinced that these items were real prizes... But when I showed Timbits he informed me that doll house furniture was mass produced in the 1960s as several toy companies created 'period piece sets' to accompany historic clothing etc in popular colonial mansion style doll houses.

So how can I determine today if these heavy black metal objects are indeed reproductions? and how much would they be worth as originals? And how much are they worth as replicas?

Well, its easy for me to find out, because I can ask the growing membership of accredited experts on Here's where I'll simply start a thread about cast iron doll house furniture in the Dumpdiggers Discussion Forum, and I have also put this lot on Table #1 in the Dumpdiggers Underground Show and Sale just to see if I get any nibbles.

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